Jennifer Lorraine Nielsen
MS Physics, PhD-in-Progress, Philosophy of Science, University of Kansas

My doctoral dissertation in philosophy of science concerns the limits of mechanistic explanation. More broadly, I study epistemology and ontology of physical systems and models of scientific explanation. I am especially interested in the intersection of scientific and mathematical explanation, particularly in the cases of field theories and quantum mechanical systems. I hail from mathematical physics and also pursue secondary projects in high energy particle physics and the philosophy of scientific practice.

My other philosophical interests include the ethics of technology / AI / blackbox systems, 12th century "Renaissance" philosophy as well as early modern enlightenment philosophy, and contemporary philosophy of sex and gender.

Reach me at, check out my CV here, or tweet me at @QuantaJQualia. You'll hear more about me soon. Stay tuned!

Check out the trailer for my interview discussing nonlocality on the Curious Minds program only on Curiosity Stream and then take a listen to my podcast Science by Number in which I interview leading scientists and curious characters with my cohost Jessica Scott.